Dr Peter Buš to speak at the Automation and Robotics Show

Dr Peter Buš will be speaking at the Automation and Robotics Show in Milton Keynes Arena on 25th June. His talk titled, ‘Large-scale prototyping utilising technologies and participation’ will envisage large-scale cable-driven systems for urban automation and takes the inspiration of processes-driven approach for construction from the shipping port areas in waterfront cities.

There is an immense potential in a combination of off-site and on-site construction approaches, with process-driven off-site systems expanding their ‘essence’ towards on-site deployment, potentially leading to increased construction efficiency and productivity. In addition, there is a growth in customised solutions for the construction sector as well as container-based modular construction systems where non-traditional building methods will benefit from these with the support of digital technologies. In particular, the presentation theoretically focuses on large-scale automatic prototyping for build applications along with interactions between humans and automatic building technologies to create on-demand spatial scenarios supported by relevant computational design methods for scenarios generation.