NEW User Roles in KRIMSON

It was agreed, at the last SG meeting, that some user roles need revising. At the moment all School and University approvers need to switch to a ‘Researcher’ user role, which is confusing. Two new user roles, a ‘School approver’ and ‘University approver’ has been set up and will be assigned to the relevant people. This role will allow you to approve (single or multi school) applications, which you were linked to by the Principal Investigator.

Useful notes on how to switch a user role from one to another in KRIMSON.
Please see the instructions below:

1. Click on the user setting at the top right corner of the application
2. Click on the orange triangle to drop down other user role options
3. Select accordingly

You can also watch a short video of how to change your user role:
How to switch user roles

For further useful information on KRIMSON, please visit our FAQ page