The University adopted the KRIMSON system to manage external research and innovation grants in 2014. It has been a complex process, and we are incredibly grateful to all those staff who have helped us in developing it, using it, and providing feedback on it. As a result we have seen real achievements and benefits arising from it: it has replaced the paper-based approval system, – providing the University with a more transparent and accessible application system with reduced processing timescales. 

However, the complex adoption has not been made easier by the fact that the supplier of the software did not deliver in some areas, and as a result was unable to provide some of the functionality we had contracted the supplier to deliver. This includes integration with KAR and the possibility of a ‘mini-CV’ with details of an individual’s publications and funding track record. In addition, the reporting function has been put on hold until we can identify an appropriate system to provide this. This is after careful consideration by the Steering Group.

In the meantime we will continue to use KRIMSON as the approval system for external research and innovation grants, and will seek to further improve the functionality and usability of the system. If you have any questions on this development, or in using the system more generally, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.