Workshop Materials Kate and Martina

The TEEME programme (short for Text and Event in Early Modern Europe) is an interdisciplinary and collaborative research programme, run jointly by four different European universities: the University of Kent, the University of Porto, the Free University of Berlin, and Charles University in Prague.

See the programme leaflet

The movement of students around different universities, as well as the collaboration needed to run the annual conference (2012 in Porto; 2013 in Prague; and this year in Berlin: ) necessitates the use of digital media not only to communicate, but also to share research across the programme.

One of TEEME’s collaborative elements is that students do a work placement within the cultural sector, such as museums, publishing houses, and theatres. To illustrate the results of collaboration between one such cultural institution and university researchers, see this research document written by LinnĂ©a Rowlatt, one of our colleagues at TEEME, during her work placement at Shakespeare’s Globe: