How to use this wiki

Update: The wiki has been archived 3 months after the seminar and has been turned into static pages. You can still add material to the wiki via the normal blog comment function.

You can edit or contribute to this wiki once you have received a password and username shortly after your registration for the conference. You can then log in here:

On the front end you can then easily edit the wiki pages by clicking on the edit tab in the right hand corner of every page. Make sure to save your changes by scrolling down and selecting save. You should see your changes immediately on the front end side.

If you want to add videos, simply paste the youtube or vimeo url into the page when it is in text mode (i.e. not in visual mode, you can select the various modes once you are editing by selecting either mode in the right hand tabs again).

You can also work directly in the back end CMS, if that is more convenient for you.