Betsan Corkhill is the founder of Stitchlinks – as Betsan says”

Stitchlinks is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is a non-profit organisation.

It has three arms –

  • A supportive community for anyone who enjoys, or wishes to enjoy, the therapeutic benefits of crafts, particulary knitting. Use it to improve your health and wellbeing whether you are fit and well or living with a longterm medical condition.
  • A research arm which is pioneering research into the therapeutic benefits of knitting and social activity groups.
  • A resource for clinicians, teachers, group leaders, the craft trade and other professionals who wish to use knitting therapeutically.  (

I can really recommend both the site and signing up for the newsletters. Stitchlinks if full of both inspiring and informative ideas that explain how useful knitting and crochet (and indeed any kind of craft) can be in providing a space to concentrate the mind. Sometimes you just need something simple to work on – something that is almost automatic – a square or a simple scarf, and sometimes you  need something very distracting. For me, this is anything that needs counting. Having to focus on the work in hand allows very little space for anything else.
Do take time to explore the wonderful Stitchlinks site. It’s time very well spent.