Wellness Wednesday: ‘Walking is the Best Medicine’

University of Kent Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager, Brenda Brunsdon

Walking became a big exercise trend during the lockdowns and restricted activity periods of the pandemic. It was easy to get your trainers on and get outside to have a stroll or, even better, a brisk walk. The lovely weather last spring and summer certainly helped with this.

I was one of the people who got into this walking trend. I started as soon as we were sent to work from home and the gyms closed at the same time. I’d been a regular at my local gym for many years. I did mostly resistance work but had started to incorporate some cardio-vascular walking exercise as I felt I was losing this element of my fitness; this was much to the dislike of my personal trainer!

I gradually increased the amount I walked through the spring and summer. Within weeks I was up to 5 miles a day regularly. I went out straight after finishing work. I soon came to love my walks and they were the highlight of my day. I am lucky enough to live on the edge of the countryside so enjoyed walking along country lanes, in nature, with the sound of the birds singing. I know my mood benefitted greatly from this. I did the same route and people along the way got to recognise me. I’ve met many new people in the past year, just by going for a walk.

As autumn turned into winter, I changed my schedule to walking during my lunch hour. The start of 2021 brought a break to my routine. My husband got Covid 19 and, alongside him, I had to endure a period of isolation in the house. This was followed by a spate of snow and ice which disrupted my walking practice. I missed my walks. It is good to be back to a more normal routine now.

All sorts of experts will tell you about the many benefits of walking as an exercise:

  • One step uses a third of your body’s muscles
  • The recommended 10000 steps a day represents about 8k
  • Walking lowers blood pressure
  • It reduces your chance of developing diabetes
  • It lowers the bad cholesterol in the blood
  • Walking increases overall fitness
  • As it’s weight bearing exercise, it strengthens the bones
  • It helps improve mood and lowers stress
  • It helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
  • Walking is a natural healer – research has shown that some disease can be cured simply by walking
  • It improves how the immune system works
  • It helps move toxins in the body into the lymphatic system to be expelled
  • It is estimated that for every minute a person walks, they prolong their life by 1.5-2 minutes

Maybe that’s why the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, said ‘Walking is the best medicine’.


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