Vice-Chancellor’s Cup – Volleyball

Last week we saw the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup heating up with volleyball. All 20 departments registered staff teams to play with great success from both the rookies and the veterans.

Kent Business School proved they were a force to be reckoned with winning all but one of their games. Followed closely by the School of History in second and Information Services in third.

Paul Davis on the Record Profits team said “Having taken part in the Cup last year I was very impressed with the organisation for Volleyball this year: I thought it was a major improvement having fixed courts and 5 minute matches.”

A special mention must go to the new departments; School of Arts, History, and The Deanery for starting strong and fully immersing themselves into the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup fun and games. The volleyball photos can be seen on Facebook.

We now have both netball and basketball to look forward to in March, as well as a ‘bonus event’ with the Back to the Future (fun) run.

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