Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Touchtennis

July saw staff take up arms, I mean their rackets, and dust off their backhand to face their opponents in a game of Touchtennis. And no, this is not a spelling error. Touchtennis is actually spelt as one word, with a lowercase ‘t’, weirdly enough!   

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, touchtennis is like tennis but with a twist. The game is played on a court, the size of a badminton court, the centre net is lowered and players use smaller rackets and softer balls. So, a fun and intense mini-version of tennis.

Over the course of two days, players took to the Kent Indoor Tennis and Events Arena, undeterred by the humid conditions, and eager to ‘serve’ up some friendly competition and rivalry. 60+ matches were played in total, with Campus Sporting Exploits ‘acing’ the tournament unbeaten and sealing their event win. With no ‘love’ lost, 2nd place went to Liquorice All Sports. This was a team looking to redeem themselves after being knocked off the top spot by Living La Vida Mocha. With their team captain making a ‘racket’ from the sidelines, they came away with only one game lost! Marlowe’s Marauder’s were close behind, ‘smashing’ out 3rd place, keeping them up amongst the top 10 on the leaderboard.

With a ‘stroke’ of genius, Campus Sporting Exploits used their Joker (doubling their event points), giving them an ‘advantage’, jumping them to 2nd place on the leaderboard, having scored 40pt! Living La Vida Mocha still reign at the top of the rankings, a massive 17pts clear of Campus Sporting Exploits in 2nd place. And Liquorice All Sports round off the top 3, sitting afar 26 pts behind 1st place. They’ll need to ‘rally’ the troops in the next few events to catch back up! On the contrary, DoNATS have made a significant jump after ‘lobbing’ their JOKER into the mix, scoring 30pts and ‘approaching’ them to 4th place overall.

As always, the VC’s Cup is all about sportsmanship and friendly competition, so let’s have an honourable shoutout to the teams who showed up with more players than needed, to get everyone involved and playing the game in the right spirit: Hear-hear DoNATS and LeJendSS.

Our next event is Nerf on Thursday 10 August, from 1pm-2pm in the Sports Centre. Stay tuned to hear all about the action!

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