Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: It’s a Knockout!

A set of challenges that will put to the test precision, determination and teamwork skills.

Hidden gems challenge

For the first event of the Vice Chancellor’s Cup 2022/23 edition, teams were tasked with four challenges, each under a time limit of 3 minutes.

LeJendSS score an impressive 16 points

The first challenge, ‘Bounce & Score’, had teams balance tennis balls and then throw these on a rebound net and into a bucket. Newly entered team LeJendSS was the most accurate, scoring an impressive 16pts, unmatched by any other team.

It's a Knockout bounce ball

Teamwork makes the dream work

The second challenge, ‘Precious Cargo’, was more tense. Teams held a string attached to a ring. In that ring was an oversized ball. The aim was for each player to hold a string and collectively carry the ball through a set of obstacles. The team most able to perform under pressure was Liquorice All Sports.

‘Pictionary’ was a very contested challenge, with Marlowe’s Marauders and Super Human Sciences tied for first place.

The final challenge ‘Hidden Gems’ was all about teamwork. Teams could blindfold 1, 2 or 3 of their players, who were then directed into a field of balls and asked to retrieve as many as possible. LeJendSS claimed the top spot in this one as well!

It's a Knockout challenege

Everyone’s a winner

Some very creative performances throughout the top spot on this one. Liquorice All Sports won the overall event with impressive scoring performances in each challenge. Well done to this year’s new teams LeJendSS and Living La Vida Mocha who both finished in the top 4. A special mention to CEMS, Strategically Planning Our Performance and ToMORA Never Dies as they decided to unite and compete as one team.

Staff team

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