Vice-Chancellor’s Cup 2017

Another year of epic sporting events and incredible wins during 2017’s Vice-Chancellor’s Cup. With 20 departments taking part, this year has seen staff members taking part, having fun and getting active. Kent Sport is proud of each department putting their all into each activity!

In the last event of the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup 2017, staff went head to head in the pub quiz. It was devised of seven rounds plus two bonus rounds with questions ranging from Geography to Science and Nature. With each team capable of using a joker to double their points, it came down to the very last set of questions!

With ‘Eat My Shorts (EMS)’ and ‘Happy Ravers’ finishing in third and second place respectively, ‘Marlowe’s Marauders’ were crowned the quiz champions with an incredible total of 104/100 points. It was quite the exciting quiz with only a mere 10 points separating the first and eighth team!

A huge thanks to all the departments and teams for playing along. A special thanks to the Sports Pavilion Café staff for looking after everyone so well.

The night also saw the presentations of the sports held throughout the year. Congratulations to ‘A Brief History of Sport’ and ‘Let’s Get Physical’ who both picked up two awards!

Unfortunately ‘Marlowe’s Marauders’ astonishing performance in the pub quiz could not change their fate overall in the VC’s Cup rankings, however they did walk away with the VC Cup Fair Play award for their positive attitude throughout the year. ‘Record Profit’ finished third, just behind ‘Eat My Shorts’ who finished second.

Drumroll please…

The winners of the 2017 VC’s Cup, for a second year running, are ‘Nobody Does It bEDA’! Congratulations to the whole team!

You can see the final results table and individual sports results here.

For any departments wishing to enter the staff tournament please get in touch with the sports development team

We hope you all had fun at this year’s VC Cup competition and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year for the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup 2018!

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