Staff spotlight: impacted by the postponing of London Marathon

As most of you are aware, the London Marathon has been postponed until Sunday 4 October 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It comes as a disappointment to a lot of athletes, especially as they have all been training so hard. However, it is necessary option in the current climate.

Kent Sport’s Medway Sports Development Coordinator Jemma Whyman received a championship place at the London Marathon after completing in the Brighton marathon 2019 (read all about it here). Jemma gives us insight into her training and how she plans to use these extra six months to boost her time.

“The training was going well with my last race being the Lydd 20 mile. This went extremely well with me completing it in just under 2 hours 21 mins, beating last year’s time by eight mins. I was feeling strong and confident about taking part in the London Marathon. I had nearly done all the hard work and unfortunately the coronavirus meant that the marathon has been delayed until October 2020. Anyone that was training for a marathon knows how much hard work was put in through the gruelling stormy winter months, so this did leave me feeling deflated and tearful. Running really helps with my mental health and I am so grateful to be able to still be allowed outside to run.
I have spoken with my running coach, and we have agreed to drop down my weekly miles (slightly) and focus on more speed work, then start building the long runs again ready for October.

I am hoping with the extra six months I can gain more speed and endurance. Building up to the London Marathon so far has included:

Canterbury 10 mile – 26 January (4th lady and a personal best time)
Tonbridge Wells – Half Marathon 16 February (3rd place)
Carsington Water – Half Marathon 22 February (1st place)
Lydd 20 mile – 8th March (4th place and 1st in age)

For anyone wanting some direction through online coaching I can highly recommend Liz Weeks. She is a virtual coach, but can give you a weekly running plan, which I think is extremely important at the moment in the current world pandemic. Her Facebook is Liz Weeks Running Coaching & Sports Conditioning and email address” – Jemma Whyman

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