Kick-start Your Fitness Journey with our Exercise Referral Scheme

It’s difficult to know where to start when beginning your health and fitness journey, or getting back into a fitness routine after some time out. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption to all of our lives; and with gyms reopening on Monday 12 April*, now is a great time to think about kick-starting your journey to a healthier you.

The Exercise Referral Scheme is designed to promote physical activity for people who have an existing health condition and are physically inactive. The weekly check-ins over a 12-week period will keep you motivated to stick to your programme with help and guidance from our Exercise Referral Team.

What does the Exercise Referral Scheme involve?

At the beginning of the programme, a member of our Exercise Referral team will meet with you for an initial consultation, where they will discuss your medical history questionnaire, exercise history, a nutrition questionnaire and a diary to help get you started with your programme. Then, they will provide you with a tailored 12-week personal exercise programme and will support you throughout the programme with diet advice, review your progress and discuss your general wellbeing.

After the 12-week programme, your Exercise Referral instructor will discuss your progress and how you are going to continue with your new, healthier lifestyle.


How do I find out more?

To read more about our Exercise Referral Scheme and to check whether you are eligible, please visit our website.



*Depending on government guidance

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