Kent Sport membership partial refund requests

It has been agreed that Kent Sport will be providing students with a partial refund of their membership fees for the duration that facilities were closed during the second and third national lockdowns. This covers November 2020 and January to March 2021. If you received a free membership as a first-year student or through booked University accommodation for the 2020/21 academic year, you are not eligible for a refund.

The student membership partial refund application form for the 2020/21 academic year is now open. Click here to begin your membership refund request.

The deadline to complete the online form is Friday 16 July 2021.

Please note we will only be able to process requests submitted via the online form.



What information do I need to provide?

You will need to fill out the form with your student ID number which is found on your Kent One card. You will also need the following:

  • Online payments
    • For purchases made online and within the last 180 days you will receive a refund to the original payment method. You will have been provided an XNL and reference number on your receipt when you purchased your membership.
  • All other payments
    • With other payment methods (regardless of when payment was made) and online payments made over 180 days ago, we are required to have banking details (sort code and bank account number) as this is the only method we are allowed to refund within guidelines and on complying with Finance/IT and GDPR.

How is my refund calculated?

You will receive a refund based on the month in which you purchased your membership. There is a maximum of four months for which you will be able to request a refund (November, January, February, and March).

How long will my refund take?

There will be a minimum of 6-8 week turnaround from when you submit the form as refund requests are handled individually.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation that the data was submitted successfully and an email confirmation to follow as well.

Each refund request is individually reviewed before being sent to finance for payment and is processed on a first come first served basis.


All data provided will only be used for processing your refund and then destroyed as noted in our T&Cs on the online form.


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