Funding opportunity for sports club members

You could win £10,000 worth of funding by signing up to a self-development programme

Through our partnership with Santander Universities we have 19 places available for Kent Students on an online learning experience delivered by Sporting Edge (a performance consultancy who work with high achievers in elite sport, business, neuroscience, the military and the arts)

The programme will focus on performance themes including Personal Drive, Learning Mindset, Confidence, and more. Having completed each module, students will have the opportunity to complete an online quiz. The 4 students with the highest scores across all the participating Universities will win a Santander Development Grant of £10,000 to support their professional and/or personal development (for example funding their tuition fees, paying for travel costs to interviews, supporting their start-ups, etc).

Benefits to the students who apply:

  • When students register on the Santander platform they will have access to other Santander opportunities which they may be eligible to apply for, including funding, internships etc
  • Applicants will be supporting Kent’s relationship with Santander and particularly the introduction of a sports element. This in turn supports us in our ambitions to put forward proposals for further funding/support in this area.
  • Access to Santander/business support network

Benefits to the 19 students who are selected to participate for Kent:

  • As above, but also unique access to a bespoke 8-hour digital learning experience designed by Sporting Edge.
  • Learn to think like a champion with transformational new strategies for their future careers.
  • Be able to learn in their own time with flexible, on-demand, video-based learning.
  • Have access to the library of performance insights for three months to embed the strategies into their own routines.
  • Potential for introduction to Kent’s Santander Relationship Manager, who is keen to connect with recipients and provide advice, support and introductions to his network where relevant.
  • Chance to win £10,000

How to enter

There is a simple application form and with a short supporting statement (250 words or less) detailing how you feel, how you would benefit from the Programme, and how you will use the learnings in your sporting and university life. Successful applicants will be notified by 1 December 2020.

Enter by filling out the form here

The closing date for applications is midnight on 16 November.

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