Free initial online consultations continue at Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic

Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic online consultations continue to be highly successful and we have curved our way through the obstacles created by the pandemic to remain open – virtually.

We have been able to adjust the way we approach assessments of functional movements, joint range of movement(s) such as squatting technique corrections and have found the production of online videos to show specific movements has been highly effective. Many have been increasing their running or getting involved in virtual fitness classes, but found themselves getting niggles. The consultations have been great to speak to people and look at their techniques and movements then discuss exercises to help combat the symptoms.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and, to date, have been able to reach out and provide more than 150 free initial consultations with clients kindly donating to the NHS Charities.

We will continue to provide free initial consultations and hope to be able to provide face-to-face consultations, with a triage system, in the near future to add the manual therapy treatments which we know many will benefit from and make those next steps towards their goals. This may be the lingering neck pain, back pain or perhaps shoulder pain where exercises have been completed daily as recommended with significant improvements already gained.

“I have recently taken advantage of the free online consultations that are available through Kent Sport Physiotherapy clinic. Although I was unsure whether Vicky would be able to help me online, she diagnosed my problem almost straight away during our first Zoom meeting. She then sent me some exercises which I have been doing daily and which have been helping to reduce the pain I was in. Vicky has also given me a follow up consultation just to check that the exercises are working. It has been really good to know exactly what was causing my pain and to be able to talk to someone so knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Vicky for all your help!”

Susan Grimer, Library Assistant

So far, we have been able to reach out to 32 members of University of Kent staff, who have not been to the clinic before and provide professional physiotherapy advice to them. This number does not include the many staff members who have visited the clinic before lockdown and continue to have contact.

The testimonials from staff members has been incredible and we thank you for your feedback.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the clinic via email:

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