Fitness and dance studio etiquette

The studio etiquette is administered in the best interest of members and instructors, ensuring all participants’ safety and wellbeing. All group exercise class attendees should adhere to the following studio etiquette at all times.


  • Please ensure you check in at reception before the start of each class, otherwise an automatic £5 fee will be added to your account
  • If your class uses equipment (example: BodyPump or Spinning), please arrive early to set up your workstation
  • Appropriate clothing and clean non-marking footwear should be worn for all classes
  • No footwear is required for Yoga and Pilates however please wear your trainers to and from the changing rooms
  • All bags, coats and other equipment should be placed in one of the lockers provided
  • Please bring a towel for all classes where equipment is used
  • For Spinning, all participants must have a towel and a water bottle to take part
  • Please inform an instructor of any injuries or medical conditions prior to start of class
  • Entry is not permitted once class has started. This is for your safety and to avoid disruption to the class

Booking guidelines

  • All members can book classes online at
  • Premium Plus members can book seven days in advance, Premium and Plus members five days in advance, and Pay to Play members three days in advance.

If you have any queries, please contact our Studio email at

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