Fearless Jeni takes on the Firewalk

Jeni Dexter, Kent Sport Fitness Studio Coordinator has risen to many challenges in the past. She has entertained on cruise ships and she has even walked along the wings of flying planes. But as if wing walking isn’t enough, now she is doing the Firewalk. We asked her a few questions:

Tell us about your day job

My job involves the daily running  of the fitness studio classes as well as teaching my own classes. I love teaching and seeing the class improve week by week but more importantly for that one hour see smiles and hear laughter or see the stress and tension just lift and see calm and relaxation take over. The room is full of emotion. If I can change someone’s day change  from down, pain, stressful  and rushed to up, positive, happy and energised that’s worth everything to me. Its a great thing to see. I’m always looking for the next big fitness class so I attend lots of conventions and showcases throughout the year. I love challenges, pushing your body and mind. This walk is mind over matter.

What inspired you to get involved with the Firewalk?

I’m a daredevil yes but its not about me. I do like to push myself to do things outside my comfort zone, to expand myself. I think everyone should try at least something that pushes them. However this is about raising vital funds for our hospices. With every single step we will be making an incredible difference to patients and their families locally in Thanet.

How do you prepare yourself for such a challenge?

Its not like you can really do anything to prepare for this about fitness or strength wise. We start at 6pm with a group session on what’s coming up and basically mind over matter. I have actually started preparing my feet with white spirit to harden my feet. I used to do this when I did point work in ballet from the age of 16. So you could say I have hobbit feet 🙂 Dances feet aren’t the prettiest of feet.

Do you prefer hot rather than cold?

I  love the cold….so this could be interesting. Jeni’s jukebox in my head will be playing ICE ICE baby!

You seem completely fearless, is there anything you wouldn’t do?

Sometimes you just gotta go for it. Why not take a risk or chance and its for an amazing cause. Life is for living not standing back watching others expand their self worth, being and  beliefs. I also love trying new things and yes a lot are fearless but I’m not by any means but I like to push myself out of my comfort zone. Everyone should do something out of their own comfort zone one time at least in the life……you might not get another chance to do so and you might like it!

Why did you want to fundraise for the Pilgrims Hospices?

Its a local cause to me I have had a few friends who volunteer there and who have had family or friends go there for their last few days of life and its an uplifting place full of love and family. The opposite of what you would expect. I’m looking forward to the event and raising money for an amazing cause for family, friends and loved one. Now and in the future.

The Firewalk is on Monday 29 February, 6pm at the University of Kent Pavilion. To help Jeni fundraise for the Pilgrims Hospices with this challenge, please visit her Just Giving page. Kent Sport wishes Jeni the best of luck!

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