Couch to 5K ‘Fit for Summer’ challenge


Think you can’t run? Surprise yourself! Just because you don’t run doesn’t mean you can’t. If you can walk for half an hour, chances are that you can pick up the pace and give running or jogging a try. This summer, Kent Sport is bringing you the Couch to 5K ‘Fit for Summer’ challenge; over 12 weeks you will work on your running, with the goal that by the final week you will be running for half an hour, or approximately 5K. The sessions have been specially designed for people who have done little or no running and you will supported by our enthusiastic staff, who will be with you every step of the way. This challenge builds in time and effort, so you’ll constantly be impressed with what you can do if you push yourself a little.

New for the summer term; an additional weekly session to support you in completing the challenge. The program runs for 12 weeks and you are welcome to attend one or both of the sessions each week.

Session 1: every Wednesday starting 18 April 2018, 12.10pm to 1pm – meet at the Sports Centre reception

Session 2: every Monday starting 23 April 2018, 5.10pm to 6pm – meet at the Sports Centre reception

“The Couch to 5K was so great for me, it has helped me get back into running after my third child, helped me settle back into work and find a nice routine that ensured I had some time for exercise. I did the improvers session this week which was great, the C25K had set me up nicely so that I could progress into that group, and I did a 5K run this morning, so well and truly back into a hobby I love. Many many thanks to all who are involved in organising it! I would highly recommend to others.” – Vicky

Please note the 50 minute sessions include warm up, cool down, stretches and you therefore won’t be active for the full session. Comfy clothing, footwear and a water bottle are advisable. The sessions are £1 per person (free for Kent Sport Gold and Silver members) and there is no need to register. Just turn up at the Sports Centre reception where you can pay for the session if required.

If you have any questions about the ‘Fit for Summer’ challenge, please contact Follow our Facebook page for event reminders.

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