Temitope Otubusin

Nigeria – Africa
The Kent MBA 2018

“I hope to inspire and empower more women by developing and expanding the mentoring program which I created for female non-management staff.”

I am a self-motivated and driven young woman, who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria with over six years of Executive and Administrative Management experience.

I had worked with Lismat Petroleum and Gas Nigeria Limited, as an Executive Assistant for a year when the position of the Administrative Manager became vacant in 2011 and I was nominated as the Acting Head of Administration due to my diligent execution of previously assigned tasks. It was a challenging role but I proved that being selected for the role was just what I needed to propel me to greater feats.

Prior to that, I had worked as a volunteer Administrative staff at Believers LoveWorld Incorporated in Lagos and a part-time English language tutor to Korean staff of Samsung Nigeria.

In 2012, I opted to top-up my professional computer networking training and certifications with a degree in Business Computing from Anglia Ruskin University. This helped me in understanding the role of technology in business, and to apply it to the business processes at Lismat Petroleum and Gas Nigeria Ltd.

In my time outside work, I work as a volunteer at the Lagos Food Bank (@lagosfoodbank), an organisation established to tackle hunger, reduce food wastages and provide emergency food solutions in Lagos, Nigeria. At different times, I have also volunteered with Child Aid and Support Awareness Foundation (CASAF), the Duke of Spades Foundation and The ArtBox Project (a social initiative to drive creativity in children) in Lagos, Nigeria.

I enjoy reading, listening to music, dancing and travelling. I also have a love for photography, which I recently turned into a business which I run outside my corporate employment in Nigeria.


As a result of my input at Lismat Petroleum and Gas Nigeria Limited over the past seven years, I am considered as a diligent and achieving member of the team. I have been involved in different assignments which includes contract negotiations with suppliers for our tank farm (oil storage facility) project, the processing and management of my organisation’s bid for and allocation of petroleum subsidy awarded by the Nigerian government. I was able to minimise staff turnover at Lismat Petroleum and Gas Nigeria Ltd. during a period of uncertainty within the Oil and Gas industry arising from the unstable prices of petroleum products in the global market and the end of the fuel subsidy allocations in Nigeria.

I also created a mentoring program for the female non-management staff at Lismat Petroleum and Gas Nigeria Ltd.

I was the 2nd runner-up in the 2018 #TheGreenestLoveOfAll regional photography competition, which aimed to create more awareness on climate change.


I hope to develop further my career in management to the highest leadership level possible in a global organisation. I hope to inspire and empower more women by developing and expanding the mentoring program, which I created for the female non-management staff at Lismat Petroleum and Gas Nigeria Ltd.


Never for a moment, think that you know it all because there is always room for improvement. Continue improving yourself in every way possible. Be hungry for more.

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