Ojasvi Khare

Jabalpur – India
The Kent MBA 2017

“Rise against adversity and never give up on the bigger picture.” 

I have experience working with leading international brands delivering digital media services, marketing communications and video content for in-house consumption and promotion. Along with strong account management skills, I have the creative flair and zeal to create bespoke campaigns for my clients. My attitude is centred towards achieving meaningful results for clients.


My most recent appointment was working in the publishing industry for WTiN as a Marketing Consultant. I have had a very successful career in account management. I received a fast track promotion in recognition of the efforts I took to not only seek and appoint new business but also upsell services to existing clients. I improved sales and marketing efforts to generate 35 per cent more qualified leads through successful digital media campaigns and trade show participation.

I am passionate about films and the art of film making. I had the opportunity to work with a non-profit organisation that did work on equality for education for children. I created a short film ‘Rubik’s cube’ on empowering kids with special needs through education. This short film was used at charity events and lead to 40 per cent more engagement with potential donors.

My poetry ‘Caged Life’ was selected for an anthology ‘Life, a Journey’ covering work of 100 budding poets in India. The anthology was launched at Awadh Literature Festival, India.


As Mark Zuckerberg said in his recent Harvard speech: ‘Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.’ I have aspirations to put my idea of owning a film marketing and production company into action. I am undertaking the Kent MBA as I need to fill in the gaps in my business knowledge to follow the direction of my dreams.

I chose Kent Business School because it has an internationally recognised MBA programme. It has the right mix of modules to help me understand all aspects of running a business. I am particularly eager to study the modules on decision-making and strategy.


Michael Jordan has said: ‘My advice is to find fuel in failure. Sometimes failure gets you closer to where you want to be.’ There is nothing wrong with failing but it should make you more resilient and determined to reach your goal. Rise against adversity and never give up on the bigger picture.

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