Jing Guo

Anhui Province – China
The Kent MBA 2017

“I hope to build a start-up in the education sector.” 

I work for Silk Mandarin School, located in Shanghai. My role at present is Agent Director, which evolves networking with agents and marketing to students overseas. I am enthusiastic about connecting with people from different cultures and helping foreigners achieve their goal in learning a new language. In the future I see myself developing my career in the education sector. When I’m not working I enjoy spending my time doing sports. I’m particularly passionate about yoga and boxing. I also enjoy travelling.


Previous to my current role, and without any sales experience, I challenged myself by taking a role as a Course Consultant at Wall Street English, an English training company belonging to the Pearson Group. In total, I worked for 13 months at Wall Street English, finishing as one of the top 10 sales consultants in my centre for nine out of the 12 months I worked there.

After this, I joined Mandarin House, the largest private Chinese language provider in China. As well as consistently surpassing my sales targets I started to learn business-to-business sales.

After Mandarin House, I joined Silk Mandarin, which at the time was a start-up company. In this role, I have overall responsibility for branding, business-to-business sales, business-to-customer sales, agent recruitment, online advertising, offline advertising, student retention and day-to-day management of non-teaching staff. Silk Mandarin has thus far been a great success, going from 16 foreign students to 100 more students in only 11 months. In this role I have been able to take on new responsibilities, including course design, project trials and exhibitions.


I hope to start my own business or build a start-up in the education sector.

While searching for universities in the United Kingdom I found the University of Kent. I fell in love with the photographs of the historic city and I knew that I had to see it for myself. I did some exploring and found that one of my friends had studied at the University and highly endorsed it. Another important reason I chose Kent is that it is known as a European University. It’s a really diverse place.


‘Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don’t do it.’ – Mark Cuban

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