‘I hope the business analytics side of my degree will set me apart’

Kamila Filipek is studying Management (Business Analytics) with a Year in Industry.  Here she reflects on the benefits of specialising her degree in her final year.

‘Since starting my degree, I’ve developed a real sense of what my passions are. Taking a Year in Industry within KBS and working as a blogger for the marketing team really gave me the bug for PR or event management.

I spent a lot of time looking into the skills I’d need to be successful in this area and all of them suggested data analysis was really important.  So, being offered the chance to specialise my degree with Business Analytics was something I took straight away.

I’ve loved this final year so far. One of the data analysis modules that stood out was Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. During this module, we learned how to interpret existing data to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends.  I know it sounds complicated, but the lecturers teach it in such a way that it is fun and easy to grasp.

This year, I have also become a seasoned expert in using Excel and Python functions – which I would have definitely found confusing in the past! I have also developed a more mature way of thinking – using hard evidence to back my decisions has given me the confidence I have been seeking in my studies.

The best thing about the final year is how practical it is.  We use real business case studies all the time or real data to use our techniques against, so the experience is really authentic.

After graduating, I hope the business analysis side of my degree will set me apart from other candidates and give me an edge in the practical skills needed for a role in events or PR.’

Kamila is studying Management (Business Analytics) at Kent Business School, now called Business and Analytics. Find out more here.

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