Kent Business School to Host 2023 AMS World Marketing Congress

Kent Business School is delighted to host the Academy of Marketing Science’s World Marketing Congress  from 11th to 14th July 2023.

The event aims to provide an opportunity for marketing scholars to reflect on and share ideas about the changing nature of marketing as a discipline, in a collegial and open forum.

New knowledge tackling global and economic challenges will be developed, presented, and explored, continuing a tradition of collegial debate around the concept of marketing and its contribution to business and society at large.

Academics from Kent Business School include Program Chairs Professor Ben Lowe and Dr Dan Petrovici (with Emeritus Professor Michael Czinkota from Georgetown University) and arrangements chair Dr Eddie Luo.

Professor Lowe remarks: “The 2023 Congress will provide an opportunity to reconnect with marketing scholars, colleagues and friends from around the globe and will be the first in-person World Marketing Congress since the 22nd WMC in Edinburgh (2019). It will provide a supportive forum for insightful ideas and engaging discussions about topics across the marketing spectrum through expert panel sessions, special topic sessions and peer reviewed, cutting edge research presentations. While spanning subjects across the marketing discipline the Congress will be focused around “bringing the soul back to marketing”; that is, reflecting on and sharing ideas about the changing nature and “soul” of marketing as a discipline, in a collegial and open forum.”

The Academy of Marketing Science Foundation is an international, scholarly, professional organisation, dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the creation and dissemination of marketing knowledge and has been holding Congress events since 1983.

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