KBS Students take part in Virtual Exchange with Strathmore University

Dr Fredah Mwiti conducted a virtual exchange between her MSc Marketing class and Strathmore University, Kenya as part of a Global Marketing module.

The joint seminar, ‘Marketing across Cultures‘  held on 23 March 2022, enabled students to work collaboratively on a formative exercise.

In the session, four student groups presented work on the impact of culture on the marketing strategies of global companies. They also shared their own experiences as consumers, giving examples of how their respective cultures are used as a lens to evaluate their consumer experiences and decisions.

I enjoyed the combined seminar. It really helped put into real life perspective the differences and similarities in marketing in different countries,” remarked one of the KBS students who took part.

Dr Fredah Mwiti

Dr Mwiti said: “I have always wished to provide my students this kind of opportunity, and seeing them share experiences from their own cultures and also learn from students from different cultures and backgrounds was immensely satisfying. The feedback I got was really positive and I hope to continue doing this in the future.”

Dr Fredah Mwiti is a Marketing lecturer. She engages primarily in qualitative research focusing on on consumer behaviour, mainly in subsistence marketplaces. 

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