From BA Music to MSc Management: ‘I Wanted to be in the Corporate World’

Arun Silva studied a Bachelors in Music at the Centre for Music & Audio Technology from 2016-2019 and an MSc in Management at Kent Business School 2019-2021.

Take us back to your undergraduate days – why did you choose to study at Kent?

I chose to study at Kent for a number of reasons. I really liked the quirky and historic nature of the Medway campus. The facilities available on the Medway campus were state of the art and modern, despite being in historic old buildings. The Medway campus was also very diverse in terms of the student population which made me feel I belonged there.

Why did you choose your course?

I chose my undergraduate course as it covered a variety of aspects of music, from composition to sound in Film and TV and Orchestration. I chose my MSc course as it covered all aspects of a business from Accounting & Finance to Marketing and Communications to Performance Measurement and Change Management.

How early did you consider postgraduate study as an option?

I considered postgraduate study towards the end of my undergraduate course, as I was looking at the job market at the time in 2019 and decided that I wanted to build further on my business skills before I entered the world of work, therefore I enrolled in the MSc in Management.

What did you hope to achieve via postgraduate study?

I wanted to build further on my business skills throughout my postgraduate studies and get into the field of marketing in the corporate world.

What postgrad course did you go for and why?

I went for the MSc in Management as it would cover all aspects of a business and I felt it will give me more all-rounded knowledge rather than specialising in only one area of the business.

Why did you stay on at Kent and not elsewhere?

I stayed on at Kent as I was heavily involved in the extra-curricular scene, especially with the events on the Medway campus and I wanted to remain on a familiar campus with friends I had made from other courses and connections I had made in the University community and the Student Union.

Describe your career path since leaving Kent

I started at Aetna International in September 2020 an international healthcare insurance provider as a Marketing Coordinator & Analyst. Following this, I was recruited by social media company Snap Inc. (Snapchat) to work as a Digital Ad Support Specialist on a contract. At the end 2021 I was recruited by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) as a Digital Marketing Executive on a permanent full-time role which involves planning and executing digital marketing strategies. I am really enjoying this role as it involves using all my varied skillsets and experience.

How have your courses assisted you in finding the right career?

My MSc in Management and the relevant work experience I had gained through working various contracts for the university including at Corporate Communications and at the Medway student hub, helped me in securing these jobs and applying the skills I had developed.

Finally, what advice would you give to Kent undergraduate students thinking of progressing on to postgraduate study at KBS?

I would recommend that undergraduates from non-business backgrounds choose a Master’s course that enhances their existing skills and future career interests whilst also developing new knowledge and business skills. The MSc in Management was further supported by an entire module dedicated to employability skills which helped develop an understanding of how to present oneself to employers and strategies for graduate job searches.

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