Kent Business School Support Local Charity Porchlight

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Kent Business School supports local charity, Porchlight, helping support hundreds of young, vulnerable people throughout the year.

With Christmas approaching the same enthusiasm for the holidays may not be held by all this festive season. Kent Business School has a longstanding relationship with Porchlight – Kent’s largest charity for homeless and vulnerable people. This Christmas Kent Business School will be making a donation to Porchlight, supporting their vision of a fairer society where homelessness and poverty are things of the past.

Porchlight’s Sophie Batchelor (Community and Corporate Fundraising Officer) recently presented at the School’s Virtual Staff forum, highlighting the work that the charity undertake both at Christmas and throughout the the year. Porchlight raise awareness of the stigma behind homelessness and challenge negative attitudes that surround those who are living in poverty, suffer with mental health issues or are homeless. Their mission is to change lives for the better by preventing people from becoming homeless through the provision of personalised support services. With the ongoing help of so many including our very own at the University, Porchlight have supported more than 650 people living in Kent, have helped around 350 people move into accommodation and have also helped with getting people back into work.

If you would like to learn more, or make your own donation, please visit the Porchlight website.


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