What I Learned from My Selfie Year

Business and Management graduate Harley McLeod went on a Selfie Year to develop his property development and rental business, Hudson Harley.

The Self-Employed Placements (Selfies) are an option for Kent Business School students who are taking a Year in Industry. They offer the opportunity to run your own business for a year supported by the ASPIRE team.

What I learned in my Selfie year was…

The ability to put the theory which we had learned over the two years at university into practice. The Selfie year also provided real-world experience of running a company and budgeting, marketing, finance and communication skills. The increased confidence through running your own company and being able to talk to Adam and Rebecca about any issues you are currently facing, who both have business skills which can improve your company.

The support of Adam and Rebecca is vital as there are many struggles with starting a company and having experienced mentors who have been through the process already to talk to.

How did my degree help me in my Selfie year?

Putting the theory into practice, accounting, marketing, project management and management.

What I will do next is…

Continue to grow and develop my company of which by the end of 2020 the company is set to own £4.5 million worth of property.

What I would say to someone thinking about taking a Selfie year is…

The experience is unique and if you are looking to experience running a company; then I would recommend taking the Selfie year as the support provided is excellent. The results of the Selfie year speak for themselves with how successful individual students have been after being part of the Selfie year.

The deadline to apply for a place on the Selfie programme is July 2020. To find out more email ASPIRE@kent.ac.uk

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