Graduated and Wondering What to Do Now?

Congratulations, you’ve graduated and your hard work has paid off! At KBS we are committed to enhancing your employability throughout your degree, after all, we are placed at 22nd for graduate careers after six months (The Guardian University League, 2020). Before you decide what you want to do after graduation, you may want to consider your different options…

Continue studying…

At KBS we offer a variety of postgraduate programmes taught by experts with international reputations from the quality of their work.

From Masters (Digital Marketing and AnalyticsHealthcare Management) which allow you to specialise in areas of your interest, to PhD (ManagementOperational Research) to our flagship MBA programme which attracts students from around the world.

Our full list of programmes is available on the website. We also offer advice on how to apply for a PhD or MBA.

Take a year out and see the world

Studying can be intense and sometimes an escape is needed after graduating, so why not consider taking some time out to go and see the world?

  • STA Travel is the world’s largest student and youth Travel Company. You’ll find our nearest branch on Canterbury High Street and there is some fantastic discounted travel packages and cheap flights on offer. From Australia to America, there is an abundance of gap year programs to choose from.

Start your own business

You’ve always dreamt of starting your own business. We can help you get started…

Market research: find out everything about the sector you are thinking of setting up in.

  • Understand what your customers want, how they behave, your competition, what they do well (and not so well)
  • Start with the internet, but do talk to your competition and potential customers

When the market research is complete: check your findings against your idea – do they match?

  • Do people want what you’re hoping to sell? Will they pay the price? Are there enough customers to make your business profitable? Is your business sufficiently different from the market?

When you’re happy there’s a market: understand what your business would be like…

  • Establish what your finances will look like and decide on the right business model
  • Understand the best way to reach your customers and what messages will attract them (your route to market, branding and marketing strategy)
  • You might need to find a business partner to complement your skills to help you deliver a successful business

If you are a student at the University of Kent get in touch with ASPIRE for further advice

Get your career started

You’ve completed your degree and now you want to get into the working world. Here are some top tips for job hunting and application writing:

  • Tailor and make your CV and cover letter personal for the job you’re applying to
  • Use action words which show your achievements e.g. ‘improved’, ‘maximised’ and ‘achieved’
  • Relate your skills and previous actions to the job role you are applying for
  • Use clear and concise layouts – present your skills and achievements using bullet points
  • Be positive and showcase your strengths

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