David Williamson Receives International Recognition

David Williamson, Kent Business School’s Director of External Services, has been awarded Registered Technology Transfer Professional Status at the highest level.

The judging panel of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP) has awarded David, Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) status at the highest level, full RTTP.

The panel assessed the work David has undertaken at both at the University of Kent and also the Leeds City Region Universities, including Bradford, Huddersfield and York, where David held the role as the consortium Innovation Partnerships Manager and the Director of Knowledge Transfer.

The award acknowledges David’s work in developing collaborations between business and universities, developing student entrepreneurship and in supporting regional economic growth projects.

ATTP (US-based) is the international awarding body that maintains global standards in knowledge and technology transfer, with partners and judges drawn from across different parts of the world including:

  • AUTM (Australia)
  • ISTA (China)
  • Praxis (UK)
  • SNITTS (Sweden)
  • Technologie Alianz (Germany)
  • Unitt (Japan)
  • ASTP (Europe).

As Director of External Services at Kent Business School (KBS), David carries the overall responsibility for external relations with businesses, universities in the UK and abroad, donors to the School and KBS alumni. David oversees the Business School’s student start-up activity, the ASPIRE programme and commercial business partnerships.

Find out how David and the External Services Team at KBS can support your organisation on our Business page

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