Dr Xuemei Bian Shares Counterfeiting Research at US Patent & Trademark Office

Kent Business School is pleased to announce that Dr Xuemei Bian, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, was invited to the US to discuss her research on counterfeiting with several prominent institutions including US Patent & Trademark Office.

Dr Bian’s US tour was jointly funded by the University of Kent Research Impact Fund and Centre for Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology (SPACT). As part of the tour, Dr Bian delivered two seminars at the Centre for Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology at Michigan State University. She also attended the US Patent & Trademark Office Roadshow.

Organised by SPACT, the purpose of Dr Bian’s tour was to share her research on why consumers knowingly purchase counterfeits with a wider audience in the US including scientists, engineers, and academics. The tour has also helped Dr Bian foster relationships in the US that may open avenues for future collaborative projects in relation to counterfeiting activities:

“The tour enabled me to build connections with potential partners from government agencies, leading research institutions and innovators of anti-counterfeiting technologies. These connections will allow future interdisciplinary projects across at least three main areas: marketing, criminal justice, and security printing.”

Dr Bian is Director of Studies for BSc Marketing programme and teaches on Kent Business School’s MBA, for further information about her research, please see her staff profile or contact her directly at X.M.Bian@kent.ac.uk.

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