Kent Business School Win Big at Employer Awards


Alongside the University of Kent Employability Points Scheme and Kent Union, Kent Business School were successful at a recent ‘Advisors of the Round Table’ event organised by Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

The awards ceremony recognised the most successful Higher Education partnerships that Enterprise Rent-a-Car have developed in the past academic year. The event was a fantastic opportunity for the employer’s universities in London and the South East to catch up on the achievements of the year and plan for the new academic year ahead.

University of Kent was awarded Best in Class for the highest number of 2016-2017 applications (210) and highest number of hires (18) across all London and South East universities.

This was followed up with the University winning Business Partner of the Year for its consistent high hiring numbers, overall willingness and openness to new ideas and creativity on campus and a strong mutually beneficial relationship. Enterprise also gave special mention to the strong relationship between Kent Business School and this year’s Campus Brand Manager, final year student Annie Gifford, who was a top performer in her role.

New and developed links on campus with the Employability Points Scheme and Kent Union were also recognised with the University of Kent awarded Innovator of the Year.

Building on their excellent relationship with Kent Business School and the University of Kent Careers and Employability Service, Enterprise have developed their connections across campus to the Employability Points Scheme and Kent Union, offering internships as Employability Points Scheme prizes, sponsoring the Employability Points Scheme Awards, and collaborating on a ground breaking partnership with the University of Kent’s sports teams through Kent Union. This year Enterprise have spent 40 hours on campus working with students delivering skills workshops, on-campus interviews and attending recruitment fairs.

Enterprise Awards 2017 awards 2

Bridget Long, General Manager at Enterprise Rent-a-Car said: ‘The University of Kent has gone above and beyond to enable the brand of Enterprise Rent-a-Car to flourish across its campuses. Enterprise is now exposed to not only the normal channels of the Careers and Employability Service and the Business School but also has strong links with the Employability Points Scheme and the award winning university sports teams.  We are super excited about the coming years, not only because of an already amazing relationship and hiring statistics but the possibility of Enterprise Car Club being on campus as well as seeing the brand on every single sports top on campus!’

Congratulations to all who contributed to this achievement.

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