Dr Luca Faramondi as Visiting Researcher

3rd July 2017 to 13th July 2017

Sibson building - High quality research at KBS

Kent Business School is pleased to welcome Dr Luca Faramondi as a visiting researcher at the school.  Dr Faramondi is a post-doctoral researcher at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. During his doctoral studies, Dr Faramondi developed a novel methodology to assess critical infrastructure (CI) vulnerabilities by adopting optimization procedures and defining new network security metrics. The results of his research have been published in several Scopus-indexed journals and recently applied to the field of gas supply networks through his participation in the European-funded project URANIUM. Dr Faramondi has been involved in other European projects as well under the supervision of Professor Setola, a world leading researcher in the field of CI. Professor Setola has authored seven books and more than 150 scientific papers, is the director of the MSc Homeland Security in Rome, and the coordinator of the European Network of Excellence in CI Protection (CIPRNet).

Given the strong overlap of their research interests, Dr Faramondi’s visit will be used to set up a long term collaboration between Dr Scaparra at KBS and Professor Setola’s team at the Coserity Lab, one of the leading Italian research institutions on Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection.  Dr Faramondi and Dr Scaparra have recently co-authored a research paper, describing and comparing different modelling approaches for identifying the most critical assets in infrastructure networks. During Dr Faramondi’s visit at KBS, this study will be extended by using bi-level optimisation models to plan infrastructure protection efforts

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