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The Business Start-Up Journey (BSUJ) is a step-by-step extra-curricular programme designed to encourage, nurture and support the development of student business start-ups. Run by Kent Business School, but open to all University of Kent students, this is a philanthropically funded programme committed to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Amit Madnani is the founder of a food tech start-up called Snapameal based in Mumbai, India. He took part in the BSUJ last year and his start-up has benefitted from BSUJ guidance.

Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Amit Madnani, I was a Business Administration student who graduated in May 2016. I was born in New York and grew up in Bangalore, India.

Where did you first hear about The Business Start-Up Journey?

I first heard about the Business Start-Up Journey during the course of my first semester in my third year and as an aspiring entrepreneur immediately thought the BSUJ was a great opportunity.

What is your business concept?

My business, Snapameal is a homemade food delivery aggregator based in India. It is a similar platform to Just Eat or Hungry House but instead of restaurants providing the food, my USP (unique selling point) is that homemakers sell freshly cooked homemade food directly from their kitchen to your doorstep, at an affordable price. I’m sure many students at the University who have a diet consisting largely of  Doner Kebabs and instant Ramen can appreciate what my business has to offer! You can check Snapameal out on Facebook, or on our Snapameal website. After a few speed bumps, I am ready to launch operations in the first week of November 2016.

Why did you take part in the Business Start-Up Journey?

When I first heard about the BSUJ I was intrigued, and after David Williamson’s impressive pitch, I was sold. The BSUJ provided an excellent opportunity to interact with industry experts and learn about real world business practices. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the BSUJ was an event I had to attend.

What was the most enjoyable part of the Business Start-Up Journey?

I enjoyed every stage of the journey, if I had to pick a favourite it would be the lunchtime session. It was a more casual setting and it allowed a more candid discussion to chat about our business goals and objectives. The conversations provided me with many different perspectives and opinions regarding my business. I felt I learned the most from the final stage of the BSUJ, where we had to pitch our business idea to the panel. It simulated a business pitch to potential investors in they style of Dragons Den. The questions I was asked and the issues brought up by the panel gave me a lot of valuable feedback and strategic input to consider.

Would you recommend the Business Start-Up Journey?

I would hands down recommend the BSUJ to any student at the University of Kent who is interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial pathway. Regardless of whether you have an idea or at what stage your idea is at, the BSUJ provides clarity on the life and challenges of an entrepreneur, equips you with the tools to grow your idea into a business and the insight to get past barriers you might be faced with.

How has the Business Start-Up Journey helped with your business?

The BSUJ got me ready to take my business from a more theoretical business plan into a fine-tuned executable and practical model. I was definitely more prepared for some of the challenges I faced because of the BSUJ.

The Business Start-Up Journey is running it’s Business Start-Up Days both at the Medway and Canterbury campuses during November. All University of Kent Students are invited to attend this informal session which will introduce you to the Business Start-Up Journey. All are welcome. Book your place to attend.


Alumni Blogger:

Amit Madnani


My name is Amit Madnani and I am the founder of a food tech startup called Snapameal based in Mumbai, India.

I did my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the Kent Business School. I laid the foundation for my startup on the Business Start-Up Journey while I was in my final year and jumped right into the business world in India as soon as I graduated in 2016.

I will share my experiences as I navigate the startup world, expect business advice and tips as I look to inspire future entrepreneurs.

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