Success for Kent Business School Lecturer: Dr Muthu De Silva

Congratulations to KBS Lecturer Dr Muthu De Silva on being awarded the best full paper in Innovation by the British Academy of Management for the second consecutive year.

The paper, titled ‘The effect of relational capabilities on knowledge acquisition and co-creation between universities and businesses’ was authored by Dr De Silva, and second author Dr Federica Rossi from Birkbeck University of London:

“The paper highlights how relational capabilities of businesses influence their ability to acquire and co-create knowledge when interacting with universities. The challenges faced by businesses when interacting with universities prompted us to work on this paper. Receiving the best full paper award in Innovation from the British Academy of Management for the second consecutive year is an honour and a proof that I am moving in the right direction in terms of developing my publication profile.

The receipt of this award would not have been possible without the contribution made by my co-author, Federica Rossi, support and guidance received from the Kent Business School, data collection opportunities provided by the Big Innovation Centre, and funding received from the Intellectual Property Office.”

The paper is currently under review for journal publication. Congratulations to Dr De Silva and her writing partner Dr Rossi.

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