Kent Business School Graduates Selected for Key Strategic Projects With Dover Harbour Board and Priority Freight

Two Kent Business School graduates are the latest to benefit from one of the most successful graduate recruitment programmes in the UK. Cliff Preston (MSc Management Science, 2012) and Brian Gutierrez (MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2015) will work as Associates in separate Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects.

The graduates will have the opportunity to work at a senior level whilst developing specialist technical skills and knowledge.  Additional training is provided as part of the programme and the Associates will be able to contribute to research publications emerging from the projects.

Brian Gutierrez is working as a Logistics Analyst for Priority Freight in Dover and comments:

“My objective is to develop a platform that will enable Priority Freight to effectively improve the efficiencies of their routes, ultimately making Priority Freight more competitive. The MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree has prepared me with the set skills to implement efficient and analytical methods to the role.”

Kent Business School academics from the Centre for Logistics and Heuristic Optimisation are partnering with Dover Harbour Board and Priority Freight – a leading time-critical freight specialist – to deliver the KTPs. For more information, email or phone +44 (0)1227 827376.

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