KBS’ Dr Jesse O’Hanley wins the EURO Excellence in Practice Award 2015

Dr Jesse O’Hanley, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Systems Management has been awarded the EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EEPA) 2015. The award recognises outstanding accomplishments in the practice of Operational Research.

One of six finalists, Dr O’Hanley received the award at the closing ceremony of the EURO 2015 Conference in Glasgow after a 5-member jury selected his research into the development of optimisation-based methodologies for prioritising the mitigation of river barriers for the award.

The award came from “The Association of European Operational Research Societies” and is sponsored by IBM Research – Zurich. As the recipient of the €3,000 award, Dr O’Hanley was honoured to achieve such a prestigious prize. As he comments:

“Receiving this award is a tremendous honour. I’m grateful to jury and to the organisations that have supported my work, in particular the California Fish Passage Forum and the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. In the end, I can’t think of a better award to receive, one that recognises the impact of applied research to help drive smarter environmental planning.”

For further information, please see Dr O’Hanley’s academic profile, or email him directly at J.Ohanley@kent.ac.uk.

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