KBS student Francisco Estrada awarded GARP Research Fellowship

Kent Business School is proud to announce that our MSc Finance Markets student, Francisco Estrada, has been awarded the Spring 2015 GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) Research Fellowship.

Mr Estrada was awarded the GARP Research Fellowship as his MSc research proposal on the relationship between the USD/Mexican peso exchange rates, demonstrated sufficient relevance to current global risk management issues.

The MSc Financial Markets student will carry out research in this area during the fellowship under the supervision of Dr Radu Tunaru, and upon completion, will be invited to include the paper in a GARP research series. This is a resounding achievement for the MSc student, as Mr Estrada comments:

“I feel honoured to have been granted the fellowship from GARP, a prestigious institution. I hope that being awarded the fellowship will give greater acknowledgement to my research and improve my future career prospects.”

If you would like further information about GARP research fellowships please visit the website, or if you would like to know more about the MSc Financial Markets please visit the programme guide.

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