KBS’ Dr Jesse O’Hanley Finalist for the EURO Excellence in Practice Award

Dr Jesse O’Hanley, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Systems Management, has been selected as a finalist for the EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EEPA) 2015. Dr O’Hanley was selected as a finalist for his research into the development of optimisation-based methodologies for prioritising the mitigation of river barriers.

As the main society for operational research in Europe, the EURO Society has also invited Dr O’Hanley to present a talk at the EURO2015 Conference in July entitled: “Let a River Run through It: Optimising River Connectivity Restoration.” Dr O’Hanley’s presentation will focus on decision planning tools that are currently being used by the California Fish Passage Forum.

As the premier European conference for Operational Research and Management Science, EURO2015 will be an opportunity for Dr O’Hanley to present his work to researchers, academics and practitioners. As Dr O’Hanley shares:

“It’s a great honour to be selected as a finalist for such a prestigious award. I’m especially proud of the fact that my research is being recognised for its impact and that it has helped guide real-world decision making in the area of environmental management.”

Dr O’Hanley’s research is broadly concerned with the development and application of modelling and assessment techniques for systematic environmental planning and management.

For further information, please see Dr O’Hanley’s academic profile, or email him directly at J.Ohanley@kent.ac.uk.




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