Kent MBA-TEN Consultancy Week

The Kent MBA-TEN Consultancy week, sponsored by the Transmanche Enterprise Network, was held at the Lakes View Centre February 28-29th and March 1st. Eleven companies joined us and our students provided recommendations for clients on a range of areas – the feedback received from the clients has been extremely positive.

The event is an opportunity for our Kent MBA students to practice and apply their tacit and theoretical knowledge to provide vital support – especially to SME’s who actively participate in the Kent MBA-TEN Consultancy Week. This programme has also led to internships of three months duration for Kent MBA students, which is a testimony to the quality of the delivery of our students.

The event sponsors, Transmanche Enterprise Network, said: “For an entrepreneur in the early stages of setting up in business, the opportunity to receive tailored advice from a group of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled MBA students is incredibly worthwhile.”

Further details about the Kent MBA programme can be found here.

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