New Human Resource Management textbooks

Two Human Resource Management textbooks have been published this month with authors from Kent Business School:

Strategic Human Resource Management by Katie Truss, David Mankin and Clare Kelliher (OUP)

Professor Katie Truss commented, “I and my co-authors David Mankin and Clare Kelliher were inspired to write this new textbook because we couldn’t find a book that we felt addressed the topic of Human Resource Management at a purely strategic level but was also accessible and readable.  The book is aimed at final year undergraduate students and postgraduate students studying Strategic Human Resource Management, and explains the main theoretical frameworks, together with the key strategic Human Resource Management imperatives, illustrated by a wide range of contemporary case studies.  Final year undergraduate Human Resource Management students at the Business School’s Medway campus have already had the opportunity to use some of the chapters as part of their core reading material, and have given us some very positive feedback.’

Professor Katie Truss is Head of the Kent Business School at Medway and Director of Studies, Postgraduate Certificate in Employee Engagement

Further details are available at where the book is available for purchase.

Human Resource Management in a Global Context, Jawad Syed and Robin Kramar (Palgrave)

This textbook is for anyone who wants to understand and engage critically with Human Resource Management in a globalized world. The text covers the basic principles of Human Resource Management, whilst exposing students to real world issues facing managers on a daily basis with a range of international case studies.

Dr Jawad Syed is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Kent Business School, University of Kent.

Further details are available at where the book is available for purchase.

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