Windows 11: What to Expect

Tips on getting started with the latest operating system from Microsoft

The University has begun deploying the Windows 11 operating system to staff and student PCs. Windows 11 is considered a stable and worthwhile upgrade to Windows 10 and its deployment ensures that our staff and in particular our students remain at the forefront of Microsoft’s release cycle, working and studying with the experience they are likely to find in the wider world.

Windows 11 introduces a fresh, intuitive interface, centering the taskbar and refining the Start menu. The updated design aims to simplify navigation and ultimately making tasks easier to complete. Windows 11 comes with a suite of tools designed to enhance productivity. We encourage you to take the time to explore and familiarize yourself with the new layout.

If you are not used to the layout, please watch this short video that shows how to sign-out with the new layout in Windows 11 and ensure your data remains secure. It demonstrates two ways to do this:

  1. Sign out through the Widgets panel: Click on the Widgets panel which is on the bottom left of the screen. Select the Accounts icon or picture, and then select Sign out.
  2. Sign out through the Start menu: Click on the start menu, in the bottom centre of the screen. Select the Accounts icon or picture, and then select Sign out.

For more of the latest tips on how to use Windows 11 to boost your productivity, organise your data, and get the most out of using your device, visit the Microsoft website: Windows 11 Tips and Tricks | Microsoft. 

The University of Kent’s Digital Capabilities service offers staff and students the opportunity to discover, access, and utilise the full breadth and depth of digital tools available to support their learning, teaching and research.

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