The challenge of microbial resistance and appropriate use of antimicrobials

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Jerome Durodie was invited to present an overview of appropriate use of antimicrobials and the present problem of microbial resistance by Practitioners Associates at their Advanced Practitioners’ Summer School held at South Bank University 7th – 8th July. Introduced as a ‘national expert’ to the attendees (who had asked the organisers to re-arrange the meeting timetable to enable as many of them as possible to attend Jerome’s talk as an important ‘present day hot potato topic’!), Jerome discussed the basics of antimicrobial pharmacology and use together with the ongoing and developing problems associated with resistance patterns worldwide in the context of the present UK 5 year antimicrobial planning strategy and its detailed application in clinical practice. The wider use of antimicrobials in other industries, such as agriculture / veterinary was also set into context. Jerome used case studies and a quiz to help open up discussion. Positive feedback was received both for content and enthusiasm, confirming Jerome’s reputation at such clinical meetings.

The organisers have expressed their interest at inviting Jerome back at future occasions to enthuse (nursing) professionals with relevant up-to-date topics.

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