Week Two

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This week was similar to last week with the exception of me leaving for work earlier due to operation stack! The issue with my laptop has finally been sorted, we think, and thanks to Jon I have been able to continue with my literature review with fewer technical interruptions. I have started the writing of the literature review this week and am now about 1000 words in. Most of my writing so far has covered the barriers nurses face when trying to use evidence-based practice.

Wednesday saw another focus group at Faversham, this was quite successful and I came away with lots of conversations to transcribe. I decided to buy myself some super comfortable headphones seeing as I’m going to be wearing them all day for transcribing (good excuse)! On Friday I was fortunate to attend an NHS ‘Learning at Work’ day held at the Ashford International hotel; this consisted of numerous stalls detailing the different services within the various departments of the NHS. I had a great opportunity to network and hand out my business cards and even had some offers of work experience for next year; I would definitely recommend students purchase some. In the afternoon I attended a speed writing course which gave me some valuable skills to transfer into my third year at uni and beyond, I’m not sure I will write any faster but I now know how to ‘code’ words so they make sense when reading them back and also how to determine what is relevant and what is not when taking notes.

Another tiring but interesting week, it seems to be going so fast!

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