CHSS Celebrates 25 years!

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On the 4th July 1989 the Health Services Research Unit, led by Professor John Butler, became the Centre for Health Services Studies. Since then the Centre has commented on how political, social and economic changes affect the health services and the people working within it starting with the internal market system of the early nineties through to the recent creation of Clinical Commissioning Groups and the role that local government now plays in Public Health. CHSS has been observing and commenting through its reports, journal articles, conferences and attracting media attention along the way.

Twenty-Five years on it’s now time to take stock and re-acquaint ourselves with what’s gone before. For our twenty-fifth anniversary newsletter we have invited past Directors of the Centre from 1989 onwards to comment on the Centre’s history and successes over the years, culminating in our twenty-fifth anniversary open lecture “Health Services Research: the gradual encroachment of ideas”, to be delivered by Nick Black, Professor of Health Services Research, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at Coyler-Fergusson Music Hall on Friday 4th July 2014. A flyer with full details, including the abstract is available to download (pdf format).

The 25th Anniversary Newsletter is now available to view or download (pdf format).

A further history of CHSS is available here (pdf format).

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