KSS AHSN Newsletter – 11 June 2014

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Data, analysis, action!  

This week NHS England issued a patient safety alert about standardising the early identification of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).It’s estimated that 20% of emergency admissions into hospital are associated with AKI. It contributes to around 100,000 deaths annually, many of them avoidable if AKI had been avoided or detected earlier.

It’s an issue we highlighted a few weeks ago following the publication of The economic impact of acute kidney injury in England (abstract available here). It’s a prime example of the power of rigorous use of data to illuminate an issue, expose a problem and prompt action.

In Kent, Surrey and Sussex, colleagues are using our Enhancing Quality methodology to reduce the incidence and impact of AKI – measurement and analysis being implemented to save lives. 


Next week we’ll publish the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Ambulatory Care Sensitive Emergency Admissions Analysis Report, a collaboration between the AHSN and Quality Observatory. It provides new analysis that has never before been available for our patch. Co-author Kate Cheema from the Quality Observatory will present highlights at our conference next week and her insight will help take us into discussion about co-ordinated action across the counties to tackle the issues.

The analysis uses similar methodology and data sets to last year’s report from the Health Foundation and Nuffield Trust ‘Focus on preventable admissions’ which gave real insight into emergency hospital admission trends and opportunities. It prompted us to analyse the position here on a theme which is so critical to the long term sustainability of health and social care services


I look forward to the discussion with you if you’re joining us on Tuesday. For those of you that can’t make it, we’ll publish the report and share with you the outcomes from the day.

Whether you’re coming to the conference next week or not, you might find these of interest:

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Guy Boersma
Managing Director, KSS AHSN

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