We are speeding up

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Here we are again for my end of week blog.

It was a stressful week! The reward for all the testing: our first 20 participants. Not too bad!

So we finally got our blood pressure tester and lung capacity tester and we realised that the uni-size of the blood pressure leaves some participants a bit embarrassed because it doesn’t fit around every biceps, oops. Furthermore, we had to think about what to do when our participants actually have high or low blood pressure – do you tell them? Do you advise them do see a GP? … questions over questions!

Also, testing older older people in care homes is just madness! Ultra stressful and they seem to be quite impatient and some refused to go on after a while because they got bored from the questionnaires. Well, never complain about the students anymore who are forced to do all your studies. At least they don’t complain (most of the time) and bravely go through all of it. Very well behaved, thanks students.

All in all it was an awesome and interesting week, especially when you realised that you just tested a 97 year old women who is really fit for her age and the first thing she says when you meet her in the care home is: “I’ve been just watching the tennis, hurry up, it just got interesting!”

So long everybody,

Anna B.


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