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Last Day of the Conference

The online conference is drawing to a close. It has been great to see the way the same themes have come through in different ways in the different papers, but also to see how much variety there is in defence of the Growing-Block view, from neglected figures from history, like Hilda Oakley, to those working …

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The conference is coming into existence. UPDATE

The Online Conference is in full swing! Oliver Pooley‘s paper, after some delay, is now available. The papers by Emily Thomas; D.H. Mellor; Peter Forrest; Rachael Briggs and Graeme A Forbes; Joseph Diekemper; Kristie Miller; David Sanson, and Natalja Deng are all still available, too, and some intersting discussion is taking place. Sara J Bernstein …

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Background Reading

You may not be familiar with the Growing-Block view of time. While all the papers in this conference are meant to be written in quite an accessible way, they are often continuing debates that have been going for some time. The proposed edited collection will contain a substantial introduction, with an attempt to fill in …

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How does an online conference work?

You may be unfamilar with the idea of an online conference. We’re trying it out ourselves. Here’s how it’s meant to work: Various Philosophers contribute written papers on a given theme (in this case, the Growing-Block view of time). Those participating in the conference are given access to the papers, through a different page for …

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