Sara J Bernstein – Time-Travel on the Growing-Block

Time-Travel on the Growing Block – Sara J Bernstein (Duke)


Bernstein argues that whether time travel is possible in a Growing Block Universe depends on the nature of hypertime. I develop several ontologies of hypertime, and explain the relationship of each to the Growing-Block view. Hyperpresentism is the view that only the hyperpresent exists; hypereternalism is the view that the hyperpast, hyperpresent, and hyperfuture exist; and hyper growing block is the view that the hyperpast and hyperpresent exist. Bernstein argues that time travel in a Growing-Block universe is possible according to the latter two views, but impossible according to the former.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sara J Bernstein will not be providing a paper for the online conference, but is planning to contribute something for the anticipated volume.

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