Organisation of events

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Jan 13 Workshop on Causality and Evidence in Epidemiology, Medicine, and Sociology. University College London.

Sept 12 Evidence and Causality in the Sciences, University of Kent. (CitS event)

June 11 2-day workshop: Causality and intervention, University of Kent, Paris Campus. (CitS event)

Jan 11 2-day workshop: Work in progress in causation and evidence, University of Kent, Brussels Campus. (CitS event)

June 10 2-day workshop: Work in progress in causal and probabilistic reasoning, University of Kent, Paris Campus. (CitS event)

Nov 09 – Feb 10 Series of Seminars, “Risk and Nanotechnology”, CIGA, University of Padova.

Sept 08 Causality Study Fortnight, Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent. 2-Day tutorials on causality and their use in science, 3-Day conference (CAPITS 2008), a week of  advanced research seminars

Sept07 3-Day Conference: Progic 2007, University of Kent

June07 1-Day Workshop: “Evidence in medical decision-making”, Evidence Project, UCL

Dec06 1-Day workshop: “Causality and Probability in the Biomedical Sciences”, University of Kent

June06 3-Day Conference: “Causality and Probability in the Sciences”, University of Kent

May06 1-Day Workshop: “Causality, Exogeneity and Explanation”, Evidence Project, UCL

2005-2006 Series of Seminars, “Causality Triangle”, Evidence Project, UCL

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